Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Will Wal-Mart not use its name for stores in India?

There is a lot of talk in the industry that Wal-Mart stores in India might not use its ‘Wal-Mart’ name since Bharti Enterprises will be taking care of the front end retail operations and Wal-Mart focusing on back-end operations such as logistics and supply chain. While a Wal-Mart spokesperson emphasized that branding of the front-end stores was completely up to Bharti to decide. Bharti Enterprises has been doing research on potential names and weighing its options on finalizing a brand name that will reflect the Wal-Mart way and also connect to local customers. The US retail giant, surprisingly has been quite open to the idea that its brand name might not feature on storefronts, especially in regards to this factor fueling political opposition to foreign owned companies such as Wal-Mart setting up shop in India.

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