Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Using wall heaters

One of the most beautiful places that I have lived in was Bristol, RI, where we had a beautiful old house that overlooked the Bay. The town of Bristol is full of history and had the first Independence Day parade in the country, a tradition that is celebrated with great relish to this day. Living in such an old town was very interesting, but living in a hundred and fifty year old house, meant that our heating wasn't too efficient. We realized soon after the first snowfall in November that we had to get something extra to keep the house warm, but being an old house, the bedrooms were quite small, so we opted for a wall heater, which barely took up any space but was really great at warming up the area. I wasn't too familiar with them, I found wall heaters to be the perfect solution for us. I found ours at the DESA online outlet store which made it easier for me to decide which type of heating system I should get and also had some great deals available. I selected a natural gas wall heater that was energy efficient and fitted into our bedroom quite unobtrusively.

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