Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shopping deals on BuyMeBlog

Ever since we moved back to India, we have been using on online shopping much more than ever before. After having lived in the US for so many years, especially some of the most important character building years, we have grown accustomed to certain products that are still not available here. While a lot of food products from the US are available, its not the same for other handy items for the house. So, I've turned to the Internet to order stuff online from US merchants and have them either ship it directly to us or have it sent to a friend or relative who will be visiting soon. Yes, its definitely more complicated than stopping by at the local supermarket, but then, its a lot more worth it when it finally arrives.

One of the sites, where I have found some great tips on online shopping deals is Colleen's BuyMeBlog which deals with "the best and the worst of the shopping deals and products" on the Internet. It's usually a great starting point for me and I found a great deal on steak knives from Chicago Cutlery from her blog. I also found a really great way to hang paintings, something called Hercules Hooks, which I really needed to hang my growing collection of paintings that I started when I worked in an art gallery. The Internet has really made it so easy to connect to and get help or inspiration from someone half a world away, whom one has not even met, and the BuyMeBlog is the perfect example of that. BuyMeBlog is stuffed full of info on where the best sales are going on and is a real time saver, since by checking just this one site, I am sure to find some interesting offer or the other.

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