Friday, February 23, 2007

Safeguarding your information

I've become quite fanatic about having good and reliable security softwares installed on our laptops at home and at work. The kind of viruses and spyware that is going around these days is simply amazing. People seem to be taking advantage of the simplicity and ease of Internet connections and often end up using or rather mis-using work computers for their personal activity. While a lot of personal activity might not be harmful, employers have a right to be able to track employees and computers to stop this mis-use. Corporate espionage also seems to be increasing, as many seem to think it is an easy way to make quick money and its up to an employer to have anti spyware software installed on office computers. Using a software such as the eBlaster spy software, an employer can track all activity on a computer, including emails, websites and chatrooms visited, keystrokes typed, chat and instant messages, programs that have been launched, files that have been shared and even keywords that have been used. Employers need to think of such software as an essential part of their software needs, since this is the requirement of the times we live in.

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