Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remembering Wayland Sq in Providence

Lots of talk about Starbucks making definite plans to open up cafes here. The Seattle based company has been holding talks with several companies but has not confirmed anything as yet, except that they are very interested in starting their operations here, but with whom is not yet known. I used to enjoy going to Starbucks, especially when we lived in Providence, on Waterman St, and we had a Starbucks a minute's walk away at Wayland Square. Since it was close to Brown University, there were always lots of students, but somehow we always managed to find a nice cozy nook to sit in.

Wayland Square had a really great and eclectic mix of stores, including a couple of bookstores, a super old world diner, a great local cafe, a couple of high end furnishing and lingerie stores, a charming toy store, a winery, a pizzeria, lots of hair salons, a pharmacy and of course Starbucks. It was one of the rare locations that Starbucks managed to fit right in and look at ease with the local stores and that probably explains why this location was so popular.

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