Saturday, February 17, 2007

Property in Austin, TX

One city that has been on my must-live-in cities ever since I was in college has been Austin, TX I had several friends from the city and it seemed to have the perfect mix of being a manageable size city but still have lots of things to do, such as the opera, philharmonic and a vibrant art scene. It's no surprise that the city is one of the most sought after places to live in the US, due to the high quality of life. The Austin real estate market is booming and home prices have risen significantly in 2006 and are likely to continue to do so this year. While real estate prices have been slowing down in the rest of the country, Austin real estate is expected to grow at a fast clip. My friend from college who lives in Austin, told me about Jim Olenbush, one of the most reputable real estate broker from whom she had purchased her home. Jim Olenbush's site on real estate in Austin, where he lists Austin homes for sale is a great source of information on the general real estate market in the city and also on specific properties on the market. His site is a great place to get details on the real estate market for both investment and living purposes.

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