Friday, February 02, 2007

Now buy soft drinks while you ride a rickshaw

Advertising and promotion on rickshaws is one thing, but now an organization called Sammaan has launched rickshaws that will sell products like Coke, Bisleri water etc. The rickshaws will be owned by Sammaan and will be driven by people based on Sammaan's eligibility requirements. The drivers will keep all earnings from the rides, but will share the profit on sale of water of soft drinks with Sammaan. The organization will also provide its drivers with a uniform at no cost, an identity card and open a bank account for them with insurance cover of Rs 200,000. Riders in the rickshaw are also covered for Rs 100,000 insurance. Fares in these rickshaws will be the same as regular rickshaws.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if the cycle rickshaws are single geared rickshaws like the the ones we see in India now?

Or do they have multiple gears?

Shalini said...

They are the regular rickshaws without gears.