Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Mom-and-pop stores will not be harmed by malls

It seems that malls are opening on every second corner, bringing with it a lot of concern that they will wipe out the local mom-and-pop (or Kirana) stores, but contrary to most peoples assumptions, malls are not likely to harm local mom-and-pop stores, as they too are upgrading their stores. Most kirana stores have already begun upgrading their stores so they are more professional and organized in the way they display goods as well as in their billing and supply chains. Reliance Retail announced its intentions of giving out franchises of its Reliance Fresh supermarket stores to certain kirana stores or taking over their stores to convert them into small supermarkets. Most retailers and industry analysts feel that there is enough opportunity for all formats to survive, just as long as they offer some additional or localized service that other stores are not providing.

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