Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Increasing inbound links

Probably the most frustrating thing about owning a website is trying to decipher how Google and other search engines rate popularity and worth of the site. Google uses a complex algorithm which is only for technological people to understand, for everyone else it's just a trial and error system. Google uses both on-site and off-site factors to determine page rank, a score that signifies the importance of a site. Page rank is not as high on Google's list as it was before since it is fairly easy to manipulate. Now, Google looks for high quality inbound links to your site, especially those from high quality sites and from sites of related material.

Having contextual and rightly place links is extremely important as are having the right Title Tag and other META data, which Google's new LSI system studies. The most common methods of increasing link popularity are press releases, purchasing links, trading links and link baiting. Press release distribution is one of the most effective way to increase incoming links but it is difficult since the press release has to be interesting enough for publishers to write about it. Purchasing links, trading links and link baiting are somewhat effective in the short term but can also bring negative results since you can have lots of low quality or non-contextual links.

The most natural way is using web releases from a system such as Blogitive which has over 2,000 members who write about products and services web releases. Blogs are filled with searched content that advertisers are interested in and this system has proven as one of the best ways to increase link popularity.

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