Friday, February 23, 2007

How hard is it for you to find clothes that fit?

Are you able to find clothes that fit you perfectly?

According to the Retail Forward ShopperScape survey, more than 50% of women shoppers find it hard to find clothes that fit and flatter them. The main reasons for this is inconsistent sizing for different brands and retailers which has made most women go to several different stores and departments as well as sizes, before they can find something that fits. The survey also reports that close to one-fifth of women own clothes that they are not able to wear since they have not had them altered.

In India, getting clothing altered is the simplest and fastest things to do, in fact most stores do it free for you and will even deliver your item at home, so you don't need to make that second trip. The small tailors shops are experts at altering jeans, cutting the faded bottom hem and stitching it back on after alteration, so expertly that you'd never know the difference.

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