Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gas logs for no mess fireplaces

One of the best memories I have to growing up in the mountains are the log fires we used to have at our cottage in the Himalayas. We used to have plenty of wood from pruning the trees and clearing storm damage to last us for the entire winter. When my parents renovate their house in the city, they plan to add a fireplace, but one with gas logs which are just more practical now and more convenient for city living. There is no mess at all with gas logs, and no soot or smoke either. Gas log fireplaces are so much easier than the real deal, and are perfect for the city, where they don't need to provide too much heat but are more for creating atmosphere and ambience. While at first, something so different and unnatural seemed odd, now I am totally hooked onto the concept of gas log fireplaces. I found a great deal of vent free gas logs at Desa's Tech site and can't wait to order some to use this winter itself.

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