Thursday, February 01, 2007

Digital printing kiosks

Digital cameras have brought in lots of change in the photography field, especially for casual picture takers like me who enjoy taking pictures but don't want to get into too many technicalities or hassles. writes that while several major brands have set up their own digital photo printing kiosks, now an Australian company called Pxi has entered the market that is estimated to be worth US$7.7 billion by the year 2009. The company has set up a full service kiosk where you can print digital pictures, edit, store and share online. These kiosks have been placed in malls, train stations, universities and hospitals.
Pxi will be franchising up to 2,000 kiosks across its native Australia over the next five years, has signed a licensing deal for 35,000 kiosks in China, and is working on similar deals for Japan and Canada. For those of you interested in incremental streams of income, Pxi is interested in hearing from potential franchisees from across the world.

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