Monday, February 19, 2007

Can you find me on the 2000 bloggers list?

Yes, I made it in to the 2000 Bloggers list that is putting up pics of 2000 bloggers on its site. I found out about it just by chance and quickly left a comment asking them to add me too. Originally started by blogger Tino Buntic, who decided to put up pics of 2000 bloggers on his site from some of the 55 million blogs that have been created. He only had two requirements for submission, you must have a blog that was created before January 1st, 2007 and you must have a picture of yourself on your blog. To enter you have to leave a comment with your name and blog url which will be verified and added to their photo montage. So can you spot me?


teacher dude said...

I thought I'd say hi to all my immediate 2000 Blogger neighbours.


Shalini said...

Hello Craig,
Nice of you to stop by....I too was curious about my neighbours and visited your website earlier.