Thursday, February 22, 2007

Business execs relying more on video conferences

Business travel in the US has been decreasing lately due to the improvement in high quality video conferencing that have become available in the market. Cisco, for example, provides cost-effective and high-quality options in video conferencing to choose from. The Cisco Unified Video Advantage, which was earlier called Cisco VT Advantage, provides video telephony to Cisco Unified IP phones, so its as simple as making a telephone call. This video conferencing system uses a Cisco VT Camera II and a video telephone USB cable, which makes the entire interface easy and even familiar. There was a time that one of the big advantages of rising higher in an organization meant that you could fly off to attend meetings, but with the security situation having changed for the worse in the past few years, congestion and delays have become a normal part of flying and thus, many business professionals would rather use video conferencing instead.

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