Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Are women more intuitive in business?

Are women more intuitive when it comes to business? Fast Company writes about a new book by Margaret Heffernan's called "How She Does It: How Women Entrepreneurs are Changing the Rules of Business Success" talks about how women in business are able to see patterns in information and are able "to connect the dots" in this information.
“Women’s brains are like street sweepers,” she says. Every day, women are out there canvassing their environment, from the office to the school to the mall to the kitchen to the church to the supermarket, and on and on, taking in information, often in a commercial context. The extent of women’s purchasing power has been well documented, of course: 88% of all retail purchases, 89% of bank accounts, more than 50% of credit card use, etc. While they're shopping, they're also sucking up dust balls of data, like some crazed Roomba of the marketplace.

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