Saturday, January 13, 2007

Simplify your business operations

I love writing about products that simplify how we do business, things that make it easier for us to concentrate on the strategic and personal components, leaving the mundane and repetitive work to be done by some new fangled gizmo. How we use technology is what makes it so exciting. Take a look for example at Netsimplicity which has Scheduling Software solutions for meeting room scheduling as well as asset management. Using the Meeting Room Manager, you can schedule rooms and resources all from your browser or Outlook, including automating service requests such as catering, A/V equipment requirements etc. Using this one system, you can cut down on all the hassles of setting up meetings and coordinating these aspects. The Virtual Asset Manager software controls inventory, maps and tracks assets from either you web browser or a hand held scanner, so you can manage your facilities, operational and IT assets. It is things like these that make doing business so interesting now days. To see which one would suit your needs, there is a 30 day free trial available on both products.

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