Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shutter Point Photography

Some time back I was conducting some research on online photo companies, specifically those that outsource the clean up work to free lancers. I was surprised to see hundreds of them online and unfortunately, since there were so many sites of this kind I couldn't decide immediately and had to take some time to do some additional research on the subject. One of the sites I checked out was ShutterPoint Photography, which happens to be one of the leading stock photography sites. While some sites offer free membership, ShutterPoint.com does charge a nominal fee. One of the big advantages of ShutterPoint.com is that the company has the highest payout rates, which at 85% is a really good rate. At ShutterPoint.com, you can sell your digital photos at the price you want, respond to buyer requests and create your own flexible subscription plan. The company also has a section where you can pick up some tips on improving your skills as a photographer as well as rating photos. There are lots of other cool options you can take for you photos such as adding keywords, adding customizable watermarks to protect your work and participate in photography forums. Have a look at Shutter Point Photography for yourself and what a cool site it is for anyone who is a photo enthusiast.

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Stan said...

I've sold 40 images through shutterpoit. Photos of different subjects, from tavel related to macro.

Stan Pustylnik