Thursday, January 04, 2007

Security concerns

With all the traveling we've been doing this year, I've seriously been considering getting a home security system set up to keep watch on our apartment while we're gone. On researching some home security products on the Internet, I came up with some really interesting results, some right out of a James Bond movie no less. has a huge range of truly amazing Hidden Camera products, two of which I think we could put to use immediately.

An outdoor light bulb with a hidden camera would be perfect for outside our door, to keep track of anyone acting suspicious and spending too much time there. Although the corridor is well lit, the light can be easily tampered with.

The second product which I thought would be absolutely perfect for the office was the picture frame with the hidden camera. With this we could really see what was going on in the office in our absence, who showed up for work and who came for work but didn't do any work. As scary as it seems, to think that these products could be anywhere and everywhere one went, I think its the sign of our times, that we need hidden cameras and other surveillance equipment to track employees or children.


Hemanshu Pandey said...

You could also check for internet linked cameras which have motion detectors. Check out the following for more info.

I have been reading ur blog for past few days. Nice information being provided here.

hemanshu pandey

Shalini said...

Thanks for the info....glad you like my writings....