Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Marketing Wisdom Report 2007

As a newsletter subscriber of Marketing Sherpa, today I received a copy of their Marketing Wisdom Report for 2007. This is the fifth edition of the report which features "110 stories and lessons learned by Marketing Sherpa readers". It is really interesting to read through the issues that marketers dealt with and how sometimes the littlest of tweaks can tune the system perfectly instead of a major overhaul. The Marketing Wisdom Report is free and is available at Marketing Sherpa, one of the best marketing sites online. Markeing Sherpa's office is located in Warren, RI, one of the cutest little small town's in the US. In fact, Warren, RI officially is "the smallest town" in the US. When I first learned that Marketing Sherpa was based in Warren, I thought, this is a great analogy of the work they do. I sure do wish I'd known about them when I lived 15 minutes away in Providence, RI.

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