Sunday, January 07, 2007

Making the right reservations

With the amount of traveling we have done this year, we've become experts at making holiday plans, finding places to stay, making reservations for cars and hotels etc. As many sites as there are on the internet, offering hotel and car bookings, I find that they all seem to be offering the same things, but each one makes it more complicated than the next. It's really important to find a good site to make your travel plans, one that have a good inventory of hotels and cars, displays all the pertinent details along with pictures and comes up with results quickly.

In my searches for hotel sites especially, I found that offered a really clean and simple way to organize your travel plans. They have pretty much all you require to set up a holiday, including hotel reservations, motels, resorts, vacation rentals, vacation packages, flights, cars etc. The submission forms are short and simple and load really quickly, the results can be sorted best value, price, quality or alphabetically.

On searching for hotel rooms in Providence, I got some really good results that I had not received when I did the same search on other hotel sites. One of my pet peeves about hotel reservation sites is that I simply hate those pop up windows that most sites forward you to. It has to be quickest way for me to close the page and exit the site.

Hotel Reservations is a great site that covers all your travel needs and I have bookmarked it for use each time I travel. I recently traveled to Niagara Falls and thought it would be wonderful to go back and stay for a while there, so I searched for a vacation rental in the area and found some delightfully quaint bed and breakfast's in the area. It’s sure to be a great motivator for our next vacation.

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Shalini said...

You're welcome. I would definitely reccomend as it stands way above all the millions of other travel booking sites.