Friday, January 26, 2007

Lounge movie theatres: This is the way to watch movies reports on a new trend which it has called "A being space for cinephiles". A company in Portland, OR has started Living Room Theatres as an intimate and unique movie going experience. The movie complex has 6 screening rooms, which seat from 38-64 people in a manner that you would watch a movie at home, on recliners, loveseats and plush seats with tables. Customers can relax in the living room style screening room for half an hour before the show starts and can order drinks and snack food. Interestingly, the Living Room also has a casual restaurant where it serves all meals. Wi-fi is available for free in the lounge and cafe. The company is targeting grown up customers who are looking for a good experience while watching movies and also for hanging out.

The company's owners, Felix Martin and Ernesto Rimoch, both went to film school and started the business mainly to offer audiences a new movie-going experience. They're already working on a second location in Miami, and aim to open 10-15 small theater complexes across the United States.

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