Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How will Wal-Mart effect India's retail industry.

The Hindu Business Line writes about Wal-Mart's effect on India's retail industry at a 2 day seminar on ‘Managing in the networked economy’ organized by the Asian School of Business (ASB) at Thiruvananthapuram. At the seminar, Prof Amiya Chravarty, Philip R McDonald Chair Professor in Operations and Technology Management at North Eastern University, Boston said that Wal-Mart’s entry to India will change the industry and create ‘new benchmarks for suppliers’. The event was attended by professors from several universities in the US and many CEO and CIOs. The key factor for change would be the supply chain. I agree that the entry of Wal-Mart will definitely make some radical changes in the way the retail industry works here. It has to establish some rules of operation for one, systems have to be standardized and most important of all, supply chains need to be put in place.

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