Monday, January 22, 2007

Have you listed your places as yet?

I came across this site called 43 Places last summer and was immediately hooked. The site is a different sort of social network, as it is a place where you can list places you want to go to, have already been to, want to return to etc. You can rate each place as worthwhile or not and opt to answer questions from others about the place. As you can tell, it really is quite addictive and I have been adding places to my list with great anticipation. A sister concern is their site called 43 Things on you want to do, which is also quite addictive. There are also lots of fun extras such as making lists, connecting with others with similar interests and tracking books, movies and music that you are consuming. I find it simply fascinating and end up spending way too much time, each time I log onto my account.

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