Friday, January 26, 2007

Garden rentals

This trend was reported by in November last year, but I never got to write about it earlier. A Dutch company has started Rent-a-Garden, where customers can rent plants and outdoor sculptures to make their home look nice, or to make a house sell fast or for an event. Although this is a new concept in the west, renting potted plants is fairly common in India, where any plant nursery will rent you plants for weddings and other occasions. These are short term rentals and the nursery's charge a deposit to ensure plants are in decent condition on return.
Akin to changing a home's outdoor wardrobe, customers can switch their garden, patio or roof-terrace's look with every season. Sounds like the perfect solution for transumers – those consumers who have moved beyond the fixed and move from one temporary experience to the other, doing away with the hassle of ownership and maintenance.

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