Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Finding the perfect nightstand

We've been moving with great regularity for the past 4 years and the best part of it all has been selecting furniture for each of our new homes. So, we have managed to accumulate a good amount of furniture for ourselves. The one thing that we are now looking for are a nice pair of bedside tables or nightstands, which for some reason we have not been able to get, either for lack of space in the room, or time, or selection. So I have been searching for something that will fit our needs for storage (it must be closed, since there is just too much dust here) and it must not be fitted to the floor, as it gets too hard to move it for cleaning etc. I came across this nightstand at Great Priced Furniture, a great online furniture store from their Attic Heirloom Collection, a distressed solid oak nightstand which seems to be just what we were looking for. Now, lets see how I can get it delivered here.

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