Thursday, January 18, 2007

Don't you love sending eCards?

Ever since I started using email in 1998, sending ecards was one of the biggest advantages of mailing online. It made so much more sense to be able to send eCards rather than regular cards, since people are more attuned to using email and keeping track of events on an online calender. My favorite eCard site has been Yahoo! Greetings, as it has some of the best cards online, a great variety of animated cards are available, is very easy to navigate and browse cards and if you have a Yahoo! account, you can automatically add addresses from your Yahoo! Address Book. Another great advantage of sending eCards is the speed of the entire process, you can send a card at the very last minute to someone across the world. The cost of stamps on regular mail adds up quite a bit for international cards, so sending an eCard overseas makes a lot of sense. Other great benefits are the option of personalising an eCard or scheduling it to arrive on a particular date. If you sign up, you will receive a 30 day free trial. Yearly subscriptions cost only $13.99, where you can send as many cards as you like, including premium cards that are for members only.

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