Thursday, January 25, 2007

Do you wear 'fast clothes'?

The concept of "fast clothes" is really picking up lately. An article in The International Herald Tribune write about fast clothes, which are low cost clothes that are have low prices, often less than even a sandwich, can can be discarded without second thought. Consumers love the idea of having the latest trendy clothes and want to change them often, so this is perfect for them. US companies have been offering such options at stores like Old Navy and Target, but the concept is only now catching on in the UK. The downside of fast clothes, actually all clothes for that matter, is that they contribute to increasing carbon emissions and global warming and so are not considered earth friendly.

According to a study at Cambridge University, the global textile industry must become more "eco-conscious" and develop "sustainable clothing". Rushing to buy the latest trendy clothing only encourages clothing manufacturers to continue on with their business plans.

Some large clothing retailers are starting to take notice of the environmental questions and are exploring options. "Our research shows that customers are getting very concerned about environmental issues and we don't want to get caught between the eyes," said Mike Barry, head of corporate social responsibility at Marks & Spencer, one of Britain's largest retailers, which helped pay for the Cambridge study.

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