Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you hate waiting in line too?

I read this really interesting article this morning on how people hate to wait. I can attest to this fact, as we always take a much longer but less crowded route to our home in Bombay rather than go the shorter router where you have to wait longer times at lights and jams. I really wonder if we actually save any time? Probably not, but the thought of waiting is just so abhorrent that we'd rather take a different and usually longer route completely.

Media Post's Marketing Daily writes about a study on waiting by NCR Corp, that found that everyone hates waiting in line, especially at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ah yes, the dreaded DMV lines, I used to hate them too.

In its poll, NCR surveyed over 1,000 adults, after the DMV lines, waiting in line at stores came second, followed by waiting at clinics or hospitals, checking in at airports and ordering at fast food outlets. On being asked about self service, respondents said they selected a certain provider of goods or services primarily for the reason that it offered a self-service option.

On average, consumers estimate that they spend more than two days per year waiting in line for service, and half believe they waste between 30 minutes to two hours each week waiting for service.

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