Thursday, January 25, 2007

All inclusive vacations are the way to go

If you have gone on vacation lately, you would have noticed how the entire process has changed. Earlier, a vacation meant booking a flight and a hotel, where as now planning a vacation is a entirely different scenario. As our lives have become more complex, we need a higher level of vacations, those that completely de-stress and rejuvenate us. If you are looking for one of these vacations, then you must have a look at, one of the finest travel planning companies. is an all inclusive vacation travel experience that offers some incredible vacations at huge savings of up to 50%, while raising the bar on the type of resorts it features, to high end luxury resorts.

The company has recently launched a new website and an intuitive online booking feature, which can rival some of the global travel agencies in the sense that it can price dynamically and offer dollar and percentage promotions, discount regular packages and provide value added packages. One of the most important aspect of a travel website is high quality pictures, and has some incredibly compelling ones. The details on the resorts are in-depth, covering amenities, recreational activities, information on accommodations and other room options. Vacations are sorted by type, such as for couples only or family friendly. Most resorts are located in popular beach destinations such as Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Mexico.

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