Saturday, December 16, 2006

On the road pics

Well, here are some pics from my trip to Canada and the US last week. Most of them are taken along our drive from Toronto to Ridgefield, CT (an hour NE of NYC) and back, through the Finger Lakes region and the Catskills. I especially loved driving through the Catskills along NY State Highway 17 (which is being converted to I-86 and is a 4 lane 65mph highway) along the Delaware river initially and then along some other stream or the other.

Driving along Cayuga Lake, between South Lansing and Cayuga Heights in NY State.

Just the best and cutest coffee house, called East Shore Coffee House in Ludlowville, just north of South Lansing, NY.

Along Cayuga Lake, near Cayuga Heights, NY.

View from the house, Ridgefield, CT

The best little hot dog stand is on the main street in Ridgefield, CT.

On the road to Toronto. I-87 North towards Albany, NY.

On I-90, along the Mohawk river. A beautiful stretch of the road.

The snow started mid-morning, but it was still a lovely drive.

Another view along the Mohawk river on I-90.

Driving in the snow, with fat flakes flying past us.

A truly beautiful sight with the sun shining and blue skies and snow on the ground.

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