Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday travel plans

So, we're off tomorrow evening for our next vacation. This one promises to be extremely different from all others. It will be a 'go back to simpler times' vacation of sorts, to our ancestral village Koilwar, on the banks of the river Soan, a place where there is no electricity (not because the village doesn't get electrical supply, but instead because the house has been unoccupied for 50 odd years), no modern accompaniments such as TV, Internet, cell phones etc. On the other hand, it will be a superb place to catch up with family. Hope to take as many pics as possible before batteries run out.

I was calculating just how much vacation time I've taken this year and it really adds up to quite a bit.
  • One week in January for Goa
  • Four weeks in June/July for US
  • Three days in August for Bangalore
  • Three days in October for Juneo, Himachal
  • Three weeks in Nov/Dec for Canada and US (again!)
  • Ten days in December for Koilwar
And, that adds up to: 72 days for the entire year. It's been a great year for travel!

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