Thursday, November 02, 2006

Would you use a fingerprint lock?

With innovation comes adaptation. Fingerprint door locks which at one time were only for James Bond movies are now available in the market. It's really great to see such things that were once only for high tech and futuristic movies become usable for the regular consumer. It's definitely more towards high security than just a toy, although I'm not sure if I would use it in my home just yet.

I would prefer to try it out for a while first, before installing the fingerprint door lock as the primary mode of locking at home. The convenience factor is a definate plus; just imagine never worrying about lost keys. I like the fact that these locks have 3 ways to unlock; fingerprint, a PIN number and a mechanical key. Up to 100 fingerprints can be stored on a lock, making it practical for an office too.

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