Thursday, November 09, 2006

Will you buy a premade Thanksgivng dinner?

How will you be doing your Thanksgiving shopping this year? Going to the store as usual or ordering online? USA Today reports that time starved shoppers are leading the trend to shop for premade items for their Thanksgiving dinners, buying from upscale restaurants such as the Flagstaff House restaurant in Boulder, CO, natural food grocers such as Mrs Green's Natural Markets in New York and Connecticut, meal assemblers such as Smart Made Meals of Virginia Beach, Online food services such as Wally's Food in San Francisco and fast food chains such a Boston Market.
Last year, 5% of consumers bought premade Thanksgiving meals from a restaurant, caterer or supermarket. This year, it will top 6%, says Harry Balzer, food guru at NPD Group. "Everyone wants to know: How do I get out of this and still make it seem homemade?"
There's definately a market out there for such products and services. Consider the sizable and ever growing size of immigrants, who might want to enjoy the idea of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner but don't know how to or don't want to cook it. We ordered a ready made meal on Thanksgiving when we lived in the US too, but it was really hard to find a decent place open that day.

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