Friday, November 10, 2006

Who shops on the internet more? Men or Women?

Did you know that it is men that are the driving force behind the growth of internet retailing. The Financial Times reports that according to a study conducted by The British Council of Shopping Centres, the main reason behind this is that they have actually going to the store. Men generally have an idea of what they want and want to get it as quickly and painlessly as possible, and doing it at a computer is simpler than going to the mall.
“Men find it much more convenient and cost-efficient to shop on the internet than in shopping places and envisage that in future they will do more of their shopping on the internet,” says the report.

“Women were at the opposite spectrum compared with men when it came to their future intentions. They were certainly not planning to do more shopping online, nor did they think it was more convenient to shop online.”

While many British adults expect to spend 40 hours doing Christmas shopping they could do the same chores in just 10 hours online, says the report.

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