Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanksgiving treats

Planning your Thanksgiving menu yet? You've got to add these amazing breads and cakes to the list. These moist and rich old fashioned cakes are made with liqueur or glazed with bourbon, rum or whiskey and are said to be really quite sensational. I think the Spirited Eggnog cake would be great for Christmas dinner and Chocolate Bourbon Cake perfect as Thanksgiving Treats. See for yourself and order some to have a memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas with your family.


Sean Carter said...

Hey thanks for the suggestions...was thinking of trying something different this Thanksgiving.I think i'll try out what you've suggested. And hey do drop by my
Thanksgiving Blog some time and find many relatd and useful resources. Well visit soon and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Shalini said...

Thanks Sean! Will be checking your blog out to see what's the latest for Thanksgiving. I must say that this is a really niche topic to write on. Quite interesting. Will you be going for the Midnight Madness sales on Black Friday? Or keeping things sane and traditional?