Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Selecting a realtor

Growing up I wanted to either go into the hotel and restaurant industry or be a realtor. The hotel and restaurant field seemed attractive to me because it sounded glamorous but the realtor option was my personal choice just because I loved everything about real estate, planning them, understanding how they are constructed, why people like them, how to make them better and so on. Well, I never got into the field of real estate, but still loved going to open houses to check out what made a great house.

Being a realtor is not all fun and games, as I used to think it was. Realtors have to work in extremely competitive circumstances, understanding clients on both sides, be great at finances as well as time management. A good real estate agency is one that really understands what its clients are looking for and showing only those properties that match their requirements. The Realty1st real estate agency is a family owned real estate agency and has lots of options to chose from Atlanta area real estate or the Norcross Georgia real estate. Owned by Mark Teytel and Lena Zaretsky, the company is a well-known and respected agency in the area.

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