Tuesday, November 07, 2006

On sinks

The kitchen sink isn't what I usually write about but I remembered a really incredible sub sandwich I used to have in college, called the kitchen sink, which included pretty much every kind of topping available. Surprisingly, the sub was pretty darned good. OK, back on the real kitchen sinks... Very frankly, the kitchen sink tells the health of a house. I am quite particular about having a neat and clean house and therefore, I am very particular about having a good sink, one that fits on the counter neatly and is easy to keep clean. Stainless Steel Sinks are the best utilitarian sinks, I feel. They are tough and can handle a lot of stuff, but are easy to clean and disinfect too. I've never been too fond of preparation sinks, I feel they just end up doubling the work. I like a medium depth double stainless steel sink, like a restaurant kitchen style sink. Other materials like marble, granite, or copper sinks are great too look at but not as practical to use. On shapes too, I prefer the simpler rectangular designs with rounded edges.

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