Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Newspapers anyone?

Does anybody read newspapers anymore? Or let me specify, does anybody read newspapers for the news anymore? In India, newspapers are really cheap and the culture of reading newspapers every morning still exists, but in the US, newspapers are not full of news anymore. They are full of advertisements, coupons, and promotions. (Times of India does that too and its really very irritating, especially when they fill up the Sunday colour supplement with ads.) According to an article in Fast Company, newspaper readership is rapidly declining in the US.
In 1960, 80 percent of Americans read a daily newspaper. Today the figure is closer to 50 percent -- and it's falling. Globally it's the same story. Between 1995-2003, worldwide newspaper circulation fell by five percent. In 1892 London had 14 evening papers. Now it has only one. Also in the UK, a staggering 19 percent of all newspapers delivered to retailers in the first quarter of 2006 came back as returns and three national newspaper titles had return (non sale) rates approaching 50 percent.
Personally, I find that I love to spend at least an hour every morning reading the newspaper. When we lived in the US, not having a good newspaper to read was a huge drawback. The local newspapers are only full of local events, missing dogs and death and marriage notices. Here in Bombay, we get two newspapers during the week on three on Sundays, and most days I manage to finish going through all of them in the evening, but it's an enjoyable part of my day.

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