Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moving again?

We've been moving houses with great regularity although each stay is getting slightly longer with each move, every 6-8 months at first and now every year and a half to two years. It's been a fun experience for me, being a Gemini I like change, crave it after a while, even if it means just changing the direction of the bed and rotating some of the paintings around the house. For a while, I was so organized at the moving-and-finding-a-new-place-to-live game that everyone told me I should go into business providing relocating services. Hmmmm, now that would be quite interesting thing to do.

Hats off to moving companies, as they are the ones who really make each move possible. So, the most important thing you can do is to get yourself a good moving company to take care of everything. Seattle is on my list of must live places at some point of our lives, and on doing some research about the city and moving there, I already found a good moving company. TempStore is a great Moving Company in Seattle, and I thought no harm in having their contact details in hand. TempStore started in 1998 and have established a reputation for local as well as international moving and packing services.


Linda's Laments said...

I feel ya! I have gypsy blood in me. We have moved approximately forty-four times over the course of twenty years.
I got so good at it, that I could pack up a whole house in two hours!!I mean fomr the house to the truck. My kids said they just didn't bother unpacking because they knew in six months of less we'd moving again.
My husband is the Gemini in our home. Me, I'm a,Pices, but I guess the equates to Gypsy! LOL!
I think I've finally reached the point that even the thought of moving again makes me physically ill!
Hi, my name is Linda and I'd love you to visit me at my blog at:
How's that for a name? Hey, it's newsworthy to me!

Shalini said...

Wow, Linda, 44 times is a helluva lot of moves. You have to be an expert to survive those many moves!! I wonder if we'll come anything close to that before finally settling?