Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gourmet burgers

I absolutely love burgers and since moving back to India, am always on the lookout for finding the perfect one, with the right combination of meat, condiments, bun etc. In the US, it was so easy to get a good burger, and I'm not talking about the fast food variety here, but unfortunatley one can't always find a good, hearty burger here.

One of the best burger's I have eaten in India is from a tiny little eatery in Mohali, a suburb of Chandigarh, where a friend of mine who is from the food and restaurant business had taught them how to make a perfect one. Sadly, I don't get to eat it very often, since I go to Chandigarh usually only once a year. There is a real lack of places to get a good burger in Bombay, although I have heard that Pop Tate's on JP Road in Versova is pretty good. It's on our list of places to check out.

On a related note, reports that a company in the UK has opened a restaurant that serves nothing but gourmet burgers. I like that at lot. The Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a sit down restaurant that has already won several 'best burger' and 'best cheap eat' awards. The idea for the restaurant originated in New Zealand.
Endorsed by internationally recognized chef Peter Gordon, GBK's menu features an extensive range of innovative and exotic burger combinations, some of which are likely to tempt even non-burger loving customers. On offer are classic combinations such as chicken, camembert and cranberry, and beef, avocado and bacon. Innovative alternatives include chorizo with sweet potato, and lamb with minted relish.

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