Friday, November 10, 2006

Generating traffic

A lot of bloggers start blogging just for the sake of airing their opinions and having their say, not really caring what their page rank is or if Google ranks your site high in their searches. Over time, most will want to see their blog become highly rated and highly searched, but are not sure how to achieve this. Google uses an algorithm to judge how popular a site is based on a complex mathematical formula. While Google's Page rank is a good indicator of a site's popularity, Google is putting less weight on it, since it can be easily manipulated with links.

What Google really looks for is quality inbound links to your site. It is testing an even more complex new algorithm, called the Latent Symantec Indexing (LSI), which will determine how search words are related to each other, focusing on the Title Tag and other textual content on your page. So, essentially the best way to increase link popularity is links between pages that have similar content.

One of the most effective methods to increase link popularity used so far has been press release distribution, where publications write about the content of the release. Purchasing links from link brokers can have a negative affect on a site in the long run as Google will devalue a site with too many of outbound links. Reciprocal links were one of the best methods to increase link popularity but don't have much value now. Using blogs effectively, you can increase link popularity substantially. Blogitive, for example, has over 2000 blogs in its database where you can submit a press release and have bloggers write about it.

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