Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Garden Offices

This is an absolutely amazing idea. I would love to work in one of these to work in myself, except I don't have a garden since I live in an apartment! reports on a new trend from the UK: Garden offices. These are modular offices made by iscape that you can set up in your garden. At present there are only two models available called 'Miana' and 'Winola'. While both are multi-use outdoor spaces, Miana has been designed to be use as an office. As the world is becoming more connected and physical presence is not required at a specific 'office' location, people can set up and work in an office anywhere.
Every garden office (from GBP 4,995 including installation and delivery) comes complete with integral electrics and includes sockets and lighting. Constructed from panels, the Miana can be ordered in a range of sizes, with door and window positions meeting a customer's specific requirements. Customers can choose from 60 colours for timber and plastic coated steel finishes, and iscapes are insulated to high standards for all-year round comfort. The modular designs are pre-fabricated and can usually be installed on site in just one day.


Alex said...

It's big business in the UK indeed. You might be interested in my site at which covers all issues concerning garden offices (including a full list of suppliers and links to their web sites) and homeworking in general. I also produce a bimonthly pdf newsletter called The Shed for people who work in garden offices/sheds (but again which is of interest to all homeworkers).

Shalini said...

Garden Offices have to be one of the most creative work spaces, even if you don't have a creative job. I had no idea it was so big in the UK already. I really liked your site Alex and will be reading it regularly.