Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bombay Dyeing plans a dual strategy for retail

Bombay Dyeing is one of India's oldest home furnishings company. Over the years it has become a household name across the country, but its brand is being eroded by its failure to move beyond simple franchising opportunities and creating a brand for itself. Now the company has again been focusing on building its own unique image and brand to counter the threat from new entrants such as S Kumars and Welspun. The Hindu Business Line reports that textile manufacturer Bombay Dyeing plans to use two separate strategies to market its products to low and high end consumers. The company is making an effort to not be known as a ‘discount’ brand anymore with this new strategy. It’s competitors S Kumars’ Carmichael House and Welspun have both been increasing their top end brands and so Bombay Dyeing does not want to be left out.

According to Arun Bhawasingka, Head of Domestic Business for Bombay Dyeing, the company is not just focusing on the price to differentiate their products, saying that, "Apart from the price points, the look and feel of these new stores will be different to signify the high-end range of our products." Another differentiator would be location of the premier stores. It's a good time to watch and see how this growth is received by consumers who night have switched to other brands.

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