Friday, November 17, 2006

Black Friday deals creating buzz

Advertising Age writes about how consumers are diging up Black Friday deals on the internet. Retailers usually promote their post-Thanksgiving sales with circulars and inserts in newspapers, but this year, consumers are not willing to wait and are using the internet to find the best 'Black Friday' deals online.
"Retailers are just beginning to realize that they are combating leaks," said Scott Krugman, a spokesman for the Retail, Advertising and Marketing Association. "We really started to see it become a trend last year."

The Yahoo Buzz Index shows a trackable number of searches for the term "Black Friday ads" starting Oct. 19 and growing 147% since that time. "Black Friday ads" was the No. 4 search term within Yahoo's miscellaneous/holiday and observances category as of Nov. 13.

During that same time frame, blog discussions revolving around Black Friday, its sales and advertisements has jumped from roughly 100 blog posts a day during the first week of November to nearly 350 posts a day in the third week., a registered community of more than half a million bargain shoppers, has even set up a Black Friday section. To date, more than 100 conversation strings are taking place. The oldest dates back to September and is based on rumors of Ace Hardware's Black Friday sale.

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