Saturday, October 28, 2006

Watch some early games

Living in Providence, RI, I became a big Boston Red Sox fan, keenly watching all their games, reading up on the players and statistics. I never was a baseball fan before I moved to Providence, although I had watched several games in Kansas City when I was in college, but somehow never got into the swing of things, not really understanding the why's and how's of the game. But in Providence, the fanatical fervor of the Boston Red Sox caught me in its sway and from then on, I religiously watched all the games.

Besides attending the games, I would have loved to attend the Spring Training sessions. Currently there are still some Boston Red Sox Spring Training tickets available, but they're sure to not last for long. While they might not be as important as the regular season, these exhibition games are just as enjoyable and in some cases even more enjoyable as one can focus on the plays of all the players instead of only rooting for one team. The spring training sessions are also great in getting to know the newer players and the likely strategy of the games in the regular season.

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