Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The scoop on writing white papers

Michael Stelzner is the executive editor of the 20,000-reader reader WhitePaperSource Newsletter. He is a trailblazer in the world of white papers. He started the first industry newsletter, the first forum, the first white paper writing and marketing portal, and now the first book on writing white papers. His blog Writing White Papers is a veritable font of usable information and makes good reading for anyone who is serious about writing white papers.

Most white papers are never read. Simply put, they are often boring and irrelevant to readers. Writing White Papers reveals all of Michael's secrets. It is easy to read and will equip you with the knowledge necessary to succeed with white papers. For more details on the book read a sample chapter.

On the power of white papers, Michael writes:
"Good white papers are prospect magnets. They are able to fly under the radar and penetrate most organizations' anti-marketing defenses because they are sought after and brought into the organization by decision-makers. This means leads for the sponsoring company and ultimately sales."

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