Monday, October 09, 2006

Plannng the perfect tropical vacation

Growing up in the Himalayas, I always thought myself to be a mountain person. For every vacation, I never even considered going to a beach destination, it was always a mountainous destination. Until I went to Goa in December 2000, that is. Then everything changed. I had never imagined that the beach would be so inviting, so mesmerizing, so utterly captivating.

There is a special charm to vacationing at tropical locations. Since that first visit to Goa, I have gone back several times and make it a point to explore other tropical locations too. From the US, the Caribbean is a great place to go for tropical vacations, it is easily accessible for quick weekend trips, the US currency is accepted in most places and there is a wide variety of hotels and resorts, whether on the beach or inland in a tropical forest.

Warm Islands is the perfect place to find out more about where to go for a perfect tropical vacation, whether it is the Caribbean, Hawaii, the islands of the south Pacific or the Mediterranean. Each regional section is broken up into further subdivisions which have all the details about the location, its weather, local activities and sightseeing, places to stay, sporting activities and the history to make for a fantasy vacation.

In south-east Asia, Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui and Langkawi are some of the preferred destinations that are a great starting place for exploring the regions. If you're keen on going for a tropical vacation, but are not sure, where to go, when to go and where to stay, then you must have a look at the member forums on the Warm Island site. This is a great place to hear firsthand what other travelers have to say about these destinations. It's always nice to know first hand someone else's experience of the place, before one finalizes everything.

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