Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On the Beach

I used to work as a travel agent several years ago, when online bookings were just getting off the ground. Now days, the preferred method of booking is all online, and travel agency companies that have adapted to this method will gain customers both ways, traditional walk-ins as well as the more tech savvy online users.

On the Beach Holidays is located in the UK and specializes in organizing cheap holidays to locations such as Cypress, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mediterranean and several other destinations. Their most popular type of booking is the all inclusive holiday.

Cypress is on the top of my list of must-see spots, so I planned a holiday there using On the Beach’s complete vacation planner for a 7 day vacation. The total cost of the vacation, including flights and hotel stay for 2 persons came only to £397. Can you believe that? This is one super site that I’m definitely going to bookmark.

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