Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Internet woes

I've been going crazy this past weekend thanks to my intenet connection, which is not really a 'connection' any more, in the sense that it does not connect most of the time. I've been going bonkers calling up the Tata Indicom complaint centre, where the call centre workers are not capable of fixing anything, all they can say is what is written on the screen in front of them, and they just repeat the same thing again and again. So I have a page full of complaint numbers with corresponding dates and names of agents who I have spoken to, but it's of no use really, as there is absolutely nothing I can do with it. There is absolutely no sense of responsibility or accountability at all. Each person just passes the buck to someone else...."we have registered your complaint and the concerned person will call you back". What concerned person.....no such person exists in the company.

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