Monday, October 16, 2006

Discovering what the consumer really wants

The Economic Times reports that Retailers are realizing the importance of understanding their customer on their own terms rather than relying on market research data and are making a greater effort to study customers in their stores.

HyperCITY found this out firsthand when it opened in May 2006 that market research data was not correct and reliable. According to market research, cut vegetables and fruits would not be high priority on housewives lists, but once the store opened HyperCITY noticed that it was the first thing that housewives bought and continually out of stock. The retailer now has 8 workers in the section, up from its initial 2 workers.

When Food Bazaar was going to launch its own in-house brand Fresh and Pure, it decided to test out its products in its stores rather than rely on test marketing with focus groups. The company used a variety of different packaging and placements for the same product line to come up with the winning formula.

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